THE ALBERT is a pop-up venue for experimental projects and community well-being.

The site of the former British Legion on Albert Road in South Kilburn was transformed by a team of architects, carpenters, artists and local construction trainees into a new pop-up venue for arts and community well-being. In December a diverse range of artists, cooks, performers, dancers, choreographers and the unexpected moved into the Albert Centre to work and facilitate a new exciting programme of activities, workshops and events to the general public.

For a limited amount of time THE ALBERT is bringing together a range of playful projects that people can take part in - projects that test you physically and creatively. The local neighbourhood and the general public are invited to THE ALBERT to embark on experiments, enjoy the pop-up café and restaurant, join the cycle training, try out something new: sing in a choir, perform as a dancer, grow vegetables, and learn to cook or get physical! There are lots of interesting spaces and activities to explore including a community food growing project, outside green space and ballcourt, a public kitchen, exhibitions, and a food market.

THE ALBERT is developed and managed by What if: projects

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The Albert no.1
Venue for performances and events
Where: 1 Albert Road, NW6 5DT

The Albert no.5

Café, juice bar, sports hall, artist studios, pool
Venue for performances and events
Where: 5 Albert Road, NW6 5DT


C U R T A I N_ C A L L_2 0 . 0 9.
f r o m 7 pm - l a t e

The Albert project has had a fantastically enjoyable year as part of the South Kilburn community and through the support of local residents has been able to offer a huge variety of art, performance, food, sport and play.

The project will be closing at the end of September and we wish to invite you to a farewell bash on 20th September where we can celebrate together the achievements of the project and raise a glass.

So come along and see some of the work produced at The Albert and meet those who have been involved, in a friendly atmosphere with music performance and art.


C L E A R A N C E _ 2 4 . - 2 5 . 0 9.
1 1 a m - 4 p m

The project will be closing at the end of September and we have a number of resources that we would like to offer to local community organisations at cheapcommunity rates.

To this end we are organising a community project only sale at the Albert on 24th September, with a public auction the day afterwards on the 25th September.

If you would like to attend please let me know by e-mailing: or phoning: 02076243090


J U M B L E _ S A L E _ 2 8 . 0 9.
1 1 a m - 2 p m

The Albert community arts project is closing at the end of September and is organising a jumble sale of sundries and loose equipment on Saturday 28th September between 11am and 2pm.

Please come and visit to pick-up a bargain on the last clearance sale day, everything must go!


17th - 22nd September



Exhibition of portrait photography by artists Maya Glaser, Eileen Perrier and Monica Takvam, created as part of their studio residency at the Albert in 2013.

This will be the final exhibition at the Albert in South Kilburn.

Football, Basketball, Netball, Yoga, Movement workshops
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Photography by Sam Coren
OUTSIDE SPACE for play, picnics, sports and art installations.
The space is open daily to the public.

Maria Westerstahl, 2013
ongoing exhibition at Albert 5

One Liner is the fictional stream of consciousness of a collective identity.  Its first person narrative is that of a hypothetical character, amalgamated from unedited fragments of interviews with resident artists and practitioners at The Albert.  The piece invites the reader to follow a thread through an internal consciousness as well as the spaces it actually inhabits, imposing a format of unity onto multiple voices to engage with the paradoxical dynamics of authorship, creativity and identity.


16th - 20th September
12 -7 pm

It's not like I'm particularly angry with you or anything.
Tom Ryling presents:

A solo show featuring new works exploring the artist’s mistakes and his attempts to rectify them.

Free movement workshop open to everyone at The Albert.
Wednesdays 19:00-20.30

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13th - 15th September

Theatre of the Opressed
An introduction to Forum Theatre

Rediscover your inner artist, singer, poet, actor, dancer in this creative journey that looks at what changes we want to make to our world.

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Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5-6pm

London School of Basketball

Sessions are starting at The Albert

From August every Tuesday and Thursday 5-60pm

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Listen to Kilburn to Kensal Radio:
Kilburn to Kensal Radio is a new community radio station for North West London with a studio at The Albert.
If you would like to present your own radio programme or have stories, ideas or opinions to share, if you have an event to publicise, an announcement to make or a business to promote GET IN TOUGH:


Sundays: cooking workhsops
Dine together and share the art of cooking dishes and desserts from Traditional Algerian Cuisine to other continental appetites.
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11-12 May
Ov London - Art of the Moment festival

Art of the Moment was a celebration of cross-disciplinary improvisation, aiming to dissolve the barriers between movement, music and visuals. Artists included h2dance, Conversation with sound, Antonio de la Fe and Lavinia Cascone, Oren Marshall, Maggie Nicols and many others
Image of "Conversation with Sound"
Garneth Barnett exhibition,
Utopia is a direction,
7-12 May
Dog Kennel Hill Project presents "The Ottis Redding" a show about weddings
on Thursday, 28th March

The audience witnessed the results of Dog Kennel Hill Project's research into social gatherings, in collaboration with members of Kilburn's community as they discovered and re-enacted an ultimate wedding experience at The Albert. More images
Photography: Maya Glaser
International Women's day at The Albert Caféon Friday 8th March
Photography: Maya Glaser
Perfance: Hiru dance
Event organised by Can Can Productions
Food & Games Night by Spork on Sunday, 17 March

Spork Club is a collective of London-based artists that investigate the relationship between food, games and art. Through our fun and thoughtful hybrid events, we create pop-up communities and spaces for childlike exploration. Spork derives its name from a hybrid eating tool that is both functional and whimsical.

Spork public dinners every first and third Sunday of the month.
HERE NOW: Tuesday 12.03. - Saturday 16.03.
A performance event

For 4 hours of each day, EXIT MAP (Laura Doehler) opened the doors to the public and invited people to emerse themselves in the ever-changing landscape of HERE NOW; where distinct art forms merged and collided, generating an unpredictable and continuously evolving experience that asked the question; what is possible, in this moment, in this place, here and now?
Arabic music night, 21st March
An evening of food and music organised by Paelstinian women.
Lagoon mini festival at The Albert
A promenade musical adventure at the Lagoon Mini-Festival which recreated a desert island shanty bar and ended with an after-party in the pool. Put together by party-planners Sinema City, the specially curated programme took place against a backdrop by Old Vic Tunnels' resident designers Darling & Edge. Performances featured a giant space octopus, an experimental Japanese folk musician and inventor, a kora player, and an 11-strong shanty band from Hackney
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D+D dinner and dancin on Valentines Day
Image by Alex Taibel
Performances at the launch included “Cake” by Eleanor Sikorski (image: Sarah Hibbert) who opened the evening with a bang!
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